Protecting victims, preventing violence,  and empowering survivors

Available Services

We recognize and value the diversity of our community and clients. It is our policy to be inclusive and mindful of this diversity in all of our departmental policies, programs, practices, and interactions with others. We affirm all people regardless of their age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.


Our secure, confidential shelter offers individuals and families a temporary safe haven from violence while providing an opportunity for survivors to regain their lives apart from violence.


We can be easily reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling either of our Crisis Lines. You will immediately be put into contact with a trained advocate or staff member who is available to listen, answer questions, provide emergency support, and assist in safety planning.

Domestic Violence Crisis Line: (615) 896-2012
Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (615) 494-9262


Filing charges against an abuser may seem scary and confusing. Here, we have Court Advocates to walk through the process with all clients. Each client will receive a full review of legal options, an opportunity to file for a legal Order of Protection, and personal advocacy in all court proceedings, as well as free attorney representation.


We provide a healing environment to help people recover from domestic violence and sexual assault. We offer individual counseling services to adults who have been abused or assaulted recently, and to adults who were abused as children. We offer a safe place for clients to tell their stories, express their emotions, and process their experiences.

In addition to individual counseling, we offer support groups that operate on an 8-week schedule throughout the year. We validate the struggle that many experience after a violent relationship or sexual assault, while offering the support needed to move forward.