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We are Expanding our Court Advocacy Program to Further Serve Clients

Was your abuser arrested for a crime against you? Are you having to navigate the criminal court process alone? Courts can be scary places if you have not been through the process. They can be scary even if it is not your first rodeo. We can help! We are excited to announce that we are expanding our services to be able to assist you through the criminal court process. We have hired an advocate that will specialize in assisting the victims of domestic violence through the court process for both civil (Order of Protection) and criminal court.

Do you know what an arraignment is? How about a preliminary hearing? Do you know what happens when the case is bound over to the Grand Jury? Do you know that you don’t have to talk to your abuser’s defense attorney? Were you aware that you could be arrested on a material witness bond if you fail to appear in court? There is a lot to know and we will help you through the process. Our advocate will take time to explain the entire process to you. She will attend court with you and assist you in speaking with the Assistance District Attorney and his advocates. All that is necessary is that you call our office and make an appointment Kara Smotherman. She will be happy to meeting with you, explain the process and answer all your questions. She will attend any and all court dates with you if you. Attending all court dates and making informed decisions is the key to ensuring justice and safety for you and your family.

We are also working to be able to have an advocate available at the time your abuser is arrested. We are in negotiations with 4 different local law enforcement agencies to receive victim notification at the time of an arrest for domestic violence or related offenses. We plan to contact the victim during the perpetrator’s 12 hour hold to offer assistance. We believe the soon we reach out to a victim, the sooner they can begin to heal and move forward. The victim may need safe shelter, an order of protection or counseling in addition to assistance with navigating the criminal courts.

I you are or know a victim of domestic violence, please contact our office and let us assist you in getting control of your life back.


Myra Beasley,
Special Court Advocate