Protecting victims, preventing violence,  and empowering survivors

Starting 2015 in Full Force!

Welcome 2015Okay, I have to say it; Can you believe it is 2015!? I know I can’t, but I am also so excited to get this new year started. This will be our 28th year serving Rutherford County and we couldn’t be more privileged to continue to do so.

A new year means many things for our program. One thing a new year brings us is new interns! We are so thrilled to welcome six new interns, and one returning intern. Interns truly breathe a breath of fresh air into the program every semester. This Spring Semester we will have with us: Jayme Stevens, Sociology Intern; Sabarri Evans, Social Work Intern (Bachelors Level); Laura James, Social Work Intern (Masters Level); Miranda Fulmer, Nutrition Intern; Lucy Martin, Pre-Nutrition Intern; Tena Cope, Counseling Intern; and returning Ashley Jones, Counseling Intern.

A new year also means new volunteers! Throughout the year we have the honor of working with amazing people from our community. A volunteer comes in many forms here at Domestic Violence Program & Sexual Assault Services. They might be someone committing time to a certain volunteer role, such as Sexual Assault Advocacy or Nutrition Support. They might be someone who is facilitating a group and comes in for a one-time day of service. They might be someone who doesn’t have much time, but would like to collect and donate much needed products to keep our shelter running. Volunteers and donors are truly our program’s lifeblood. If you are interested in learning how you can help out, call or email me, Kara Mischke, at (615) 896-7377 or We also keep volunteer postings on Hands On Nashville at

A new year, of course, also brings victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Our hope is through our various free and victim centered programs that we can empower these women, men, and children to overcome and heal from these traumatic life events, and find a life free of violence and abuse. The unfortunate reality is that many in our community, many people you know, are suffering from a sexual assault, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. The goal of our community outreach endeavors is that we will reach those who are struggling and that they will realize they are not alone, help is available, and a more fulfilling life is out there.

We hope you walk with our program and clients this new year in whatever way your available to. Whether that be volunteering, donating, or sharing our information with the community to help raise awareness. It is all so very needed and so appreciated!

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke


Kara Mischke,

Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator