We can be easily reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling either of our Crisis Lines. You will immediately be put into contact with a trained advocate or staff member who is available to listen, answer questions, provide emergency support, and assist in safety planning.

Domestic Violence Crisis Line: (615) 896-2012
Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (615) 494-9262


Sometimes you need a place to seek safe shelter. If you find yourself fearing for your safety in your home due to domestic or sexual violence, consider staying with us. We operate one of the largest safe shelters in Tennessee, offering women, men, and their minor children a safe haven from violence. The Bernard House has 12 motel-like bedrooms and is capable of temporarily housing up to 48 people, providing residents the opportunity to regain their lives apart from violence.

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Our family residence shelter, The Bernard House, is equipped with 12 motel- like bedrooms suites, each with their own bathroom. There is a laundry facility on-site for residents to use responsibly as needed, as well as two full kitchens, a dining area, living area, and children’s play room.

We provide this temporary emergency shelter, at no cost, to women, children, and men who have been victimized by domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and are no longer safe in their own home. During a stay, we provide residents with bedding, basic toiletries, and serve a family dinner throughout the week. For our client’s safety, there is a 24-hour staff presence and a nightly curfew that all resident’s must abide by.

Each adult resident will have the opportunity to work with our Case Manager, and each child with our Children’s Advocate, to further assist clients in obtaining other needed items, such as clothing, school transfers and supplies, additional food, and to work on personal goals and financial planning for the future.

The Bernard House strives to create a safe and peaceful environment for individuals and families to regain their lives apart from violence.


Sometimes victims do not file charges against their assailants because the process may seem scary and confusing. Here, we have Court Advocates prepared to make this process much easier for you. Each client will receive a full review of legal options, an opportunity to file for a legal Order of Protection, and personal advocacy in all court proceedings, free of charge.

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An Order of Protection is a document signed by a judge which protects a person from harm or threats of harm by another. You do not need a lawyer to get an Order of Protection. If you are in fear of your safety, we can help you obtain this.

In an Order of Protection you can; order the other person to stay away from you, order the other person to stay away from your children, give police the power to arrest the other person if they contact you, obtain temporary custody of the children and visitation rules.

The Court Advocates in our office will help you file the paperwork to obtain an Order of Protection, explain in detail the extent of the process, and accompany you on your court date. If you have grounds for an Order of Protection, our Court Advocates will also assist you in filling out an Ex Parte Order, that will temporarily protect you between the time you file and your court date.

There are several means of relief that can be obtained in an Order of Protection, however, every case is different, and there are no guarantees. For questions, or to obtain an Order of Protection, visit our main office and speak with one of our Court Advocates at 2106 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN.


We provide counseling to victims and survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, free of charge, to aid in the healing process. We also hold a weekly women’s support group, and children’s support group for survivors to interact with their peers who have struggled with primary or secondary abuse.

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We provide a healing environment to help people recover from intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. We offer counseling services to adults and adolescents who have been abused or assaulted recently, and to adults who were abused as children. We offer a safe place for clients to tell their stories, express their emotions, and process their experiences.

In addition to individual counseling, we offer support groups as needed. We validate the struggle that many experience after a violence relationship or sexual assault, while offering the support needed to move forward.

To schedule an individual counseling session, call our main office (615) 896-7377.

Please join us anytime for our weekly Women’s Support Group and/or Children’s Support Group. For information on the time and current location, please call our main office.


We have an on-site LEP Advocate for Spanish speaking individuals seeking help, shelter, or information. If you speak a language aside from English or Spanish, we will contact a translater to assist us in getting you the help you need, and all of your questions answered. All are welcome here.


Children living in The Bernard House will be provided with their very own advocate. Our Children’s Advocate works directly with anyone under the age of 18 to ensure their needs are being met.
We also hold a Children’s Support Group that is not only for our clients, but for any child in the community who has experienced domestic violence in the household.

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Often in violent homes, children are present. Sometimes they are primary victims, meaning they have been directly physically or sexually abused, and sometimes they are secondary victims, meaning they have been witness to the horrors of physical or sexual violence. In both cases the child will experience some form of trauma.

For residents in our safe shelter, all children will have their very own Children’s Advocate. The Children’s Advocate works with each child during their stay, to ensure that they are feeling safe and supported, and to try to have a little fun too. The Children’s Advocate will have weekly case management meetings with any child (under the age of 18) living in the shelter, help a child obtain needed items or with school, and also hold fun activities throughout the week .

For others in our community with children who have been effected by domestic violence, past or present, our Children’s Advocate also leads a Children’s Support Group. Your child is welcome to attend our weekly support group, please call our main office on the time and current meeting location.


As elders become more physically and mentally frail, they are less able to stand up to intimidation or fight back if physically assaulted. Tens of thousands of seniors across the United States are being abused, most often by the people who are directly responsible for their care. Examples of elder abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect by caregivers, financial exploitation, and healthcare fraud. If you, or someone you know, may be a victim of elder abuse, please come in and speak with our Elder Abuse Advocate.


After your stay in our Emergency Shelter, you may qualify to live in one of our transitional houses for up to 6 months. All houses are located in Rutherford County and are completely furnished. To qualify you must be a client, have stayed in our shelter, and be employed. This program targets your independence and is available for you to continue to regain your life.


Often after leaving an abuser, you may ask yourself “now what?” We are here to continue to support and encourage you as you continue to regain your life. We will help you with goal setting, getting counseling services, and also community referral services. We want you to not only become a survivor, but to feel like a survivor!